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Dear reader, welcome to our site, Real Estate, In this article, we will talk about the Blue Blue Resort Ain Sokhna 2020 | The latest projects of the Mutawa Group for Urban Development.

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna Village for
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Blue Blue
Ain Sokhna
and life begins

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna resort site

The Blue Blue village of Ain Sokhna is located on the Zaafarana Road, in front of the windmills and right on the sea, 80 minutes from Cairo.
It is also located next to Mountain View 2.
Where the windmills region was chosen to ensure the presence of fresh and natural air throughout the year to spend all vacations and windsurfing.
The Blue Blue Ain Sokhna Resort is about: –
110 km from Suez.
90 km from the new administrative capital.
55 km from the gates of Ain Sokhna.

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna Village for
inquiries: –

01011645811 – 01276204845

Area and divisions of Blue Blue Resort El Sokhna

The general plan of the resort extends over an area of ​​120,000 meters, includes a variety of chalets of different design and space to suit all tastes, and on a beach with an area of ​​30,000 meters of fine and fine sand, the resort units are designed with elegant destinations and comfortable designs distributed on two levels in the form of the letter “U” which Makes all chalets see the sea.
All resort chalets and villas are surrounded by green areas and water bodies that reach an area of ​​12,000 meters distributed throughout the Blue Blue Resort, where we find that water bodies and green areas reach 80% of the resort compared to only 20% for buildings.
Blueblo Resort is divided into 5 main areas: “Blue Island, Lake View, Blue River, Sea View and Water Front”

Chalet areas within the Blue Blue Resort El Sokhna

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna Resort, which is one of the most important tourist villages in Ain Sokhna, provides many different areas for villas and chalets with different rates and payment systems to suit all customers.
Where the spaces of Blue Blue Chalets Ain Sokhna start from 100 m, and with different payment systems up to 9 years.

As for the villas, their areas start from 250 square meters.

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna Village for
inquiries: –

01011645811 – 01276204845

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna resort services

Swimming pools
Aqua Park
Cabins by the sea
Terrace on the beach
Health club
Spa and Jacuzzi
Mall Commercial
Floating restaurants
Sports activities
Party area
Dance Floor
Restaurants and cafes

Real estate developer of Blue Blue Resort Ain Sokhna

Mutawa Group Real Estate

MG Developments was launched in 1998 – with a vision approach to make contemporary life a reality in Egypt. We aspire to build distinctive societies, we specialize in real estate investment, tourism development and construction, and we offer living and attractive work and work environments.

We have developed ourselves to become one of the leading companies in the field of real estate development in Egypt, with a focus on creating diverse projects that combine commercial and residential developments. This pioneering vision created a different kind of real estate company, which put MG Developments in a position of its own. We believe that people are increasingly interested in living a meaningful life. we too. We specialize in challenging projects that require a delicate balance between sustainability, elegant design, innovative technology, luxury and comfort.

All development work for the company is unique because of its unique location, optimal use of land area, quality design, and timely delivery amid these wonderful opportunities from the government as represented by the New Urban Communities Authority and Tourism Development Authority.

In its expansion plan, the company targets New Cairo, 6th of October, Sheikh Zayed, North Coast and the administrative capital.

Blue Blue Ain Sokhna Village for
inquiries: –

01011645811 – 01276204845

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