Azadir New Cairo from OUD | 10% down payment over 7 years

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Dear reader, welcome to our site, Aqar Round, In this article we will talk about the compound of Azadir New Cairo 2020 | The most recent projects of the Orientals for Urban Development.

Azadir New Cairo
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The site of Azadir New Cairo

The project Azadir New Cairo is located 5 minutes from the American University and point90 and 15 minutes from the new capital

Project consultant Omar Aqeel, who has a great deal in designing many large real estate projects inside Egypt, including: –

The area and features of the Compound Azadir New Cairo

The project Azadir New Cairo area is 17 acres, with a construction rate of 20%.

The project Azadir New Cairo land was chosen with great care as the sun and air reach it by 100%. The
percentage of buildings in the compound is only 20% and 75% green areas. There is a circular road around the compound with only 5%.
The road network and the movement of cars and garages will be from under the compound land by 70% of the land The project and this design are implemented in Egypt for the first time the
presence of neem trees inside the compound and it is an Indian tree and it is called in its home (the village pharmacy), which contains many benefits and the length of this tree reaches from 16-25 m and is a fast growing tree and a thick shade and lasting green and its benefits are
its ability to prevent insects such as mosquitoes and flies from entering the house to
reduce the degree of The human body temperatures and reduce the feeling of thirst
extracted from many natural substances for the treatment of many diseases
have the ability to absorb gaseous pollutants , such as the first carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxides, lead
This tree absorbs carbon dioxide and replaces it with oxygen.
Its ability to purify the soil from salts

Models of the units inside the Compound Azadir New Cairo

Area of ​​60 m
total unit price = 990,000
downpayment 10% = 99,000
quarterly installment = 31,821
repayment period up to 7 years

 Area of 95 m
Total price of the unit = 1.567,500 Down
payment 10% = 156.750 Quarterly
installment = 50,382
Repayment period up to 7 years

Azadir New Cairo
For inquiries: –

01011645811 – 01276204845

Services Compound Azadir New Cairo

 The smart home project for units and infinty garden with 75% of the project land, the
limited number of units in the project, which gives a very big privacy.
The buildings were designed in a classic style and integrated with it modern style to satisfy all tastes.
There are three entrances to each building, the
first of the ring road around the
second compound of the green area in front of Architecture
III of the underground into the architecture of
all entrances to the condominium entrances hotel at the highest level double height height of 19:00 , which gives a feeling of comfort and luxury at
least two elevator for each building
and a large reception at the entrance of each building to receive guests and friends , a
social club containing a clup house contains
bathroom Courtyard – Kids Larrea – cafes and restaurants – some sports venues
large shopping center will be to run the largest commercial Albrndhat in Egypt
1 parking place for visitors + underground storage rooms for the units
security and guarding and surveillance cameras 24 hours inside the compound and the lack of movement of cars inside the compound gives full security for the movement of children and the
presence of a large area inside the compound for the owners to conduct their interviews instead of going out outside the compound and
having a room for the nanny inside some of the apartments
The presence of a place to assemble the heaters for the apartments.
The loading rate is only 18%, which is an area used by the customer from the entrances and a very wide corridor of the apartments. A
complete hotel finishing of the units according to the client’s desire under the supervision of a major finishing company.

Azadir New Cairo
For inquiries: –

01011645811 – 01276204845

The developer of the compound of Azadir New Cairo

Orientals for Urban Development (oud)
The real estate sector of the
Oriental Weavers Group of Companies (Mohamed Farid Khamis)
implemented the first compound in Egypt on the tenth of Ramadan.
Al-Nakhil Suburb project in Al-Shorouk,
The Fountain Park project, in the 5th settlement, which contains the first dancing fountain in Egypt.
Baron City project on the ring road.
Among our projects currently under implementation: –
Azadir New Cairo – Heliopolis Hills in Obour – Corba Royal Residence in Corba.
And in the tourism sector: –
The Oriental Coast project, on an area of ​​1231 acres …
in addition to its agricultural activity … Currently, the South Project in the new administrative capital,
which is one of the most recent mega projects for the OUD (Development Urban for Oriental) group

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Azadir New Cairo
For inquiries: –

01011645811 – 01276204845

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